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Joseph Ribkoff goes Classic

Canadian fashion brand sponsors outfits for concert tour in China

On their fourth concert tour to Asia, Anna und Ines Walachowski, the Polish-born pianists, were invited to perform in 11 cities in China, the home country of Lang Lang, the world-famous piano icon. The big concert tour led them to cities such as Shijiazhuang, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Hefei, Wuxi, Dongguan, Shenzhen, Guangzhou, Chongqing and Chengdu where the siblings fascinated the audience. To debut in China is a very special experience”, Ines summed up the atmosphere in the concert halls. “In China the enthusiasm for classical music is greater than anywhere else in the world. 30 million children learn to play the piano. Most of the Chinese people are thrilled about classical music.”

The concert program covered a wide range of musical works of famous composers, such as the Wedding March by F. Mendelssohn Bartholdy, the sonata in D major by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart and the four-hand composed Slavonic Dances by Antonin Dvorak. The highlight of the concert tour turned out to be the performance in the famous Xinghai Concert Hall of Guangzhou. Anna describes the atmosphere: “This performance has been overwhelming and a great honor: The audience has been so silent that you could hear a pin drop. It has been a touching moment to experience such undivided attention.”


The Chinese fashionistas admired not only the fulminant performance but also the stunning robes of the pianists. A special thanks goes to the Canadian fashion designer Joseph Ribkoff, who outfitted the piano duo for the very first time. Sophisticated cuts, bright colors and precious materials characterize the style of the esthete Joseph Ribkoff. As a tribute to the host country Ines has chosen a red evening gown, the Chinese lucky color, for the concert in Guangzhou.


We are very happy to announce that the famous Canadian Fashion Brand Joseph Ribkoff will dress us during our concert tours. The premiere appearance will take place on occasion of our exciting concert tour through 17 cities in China in August 2018.

Music & Fashion

Musicians are devoted to beauty. Fashion reflects our emotions, fashion embodies our personality.

Subtle cuts, bold colors, noble fabrics and updated details are the characteristics of the Joseph Ribkoff Fashion. Performing on stage, it oftentimes means a challenge to coincide your professional appearance with your passion for the music. The fashion of Joseph Ribkoff is utmost elegant and trendy, related to his credo: Fashion only comes to life through people!


The Walachowski sisters, without putting themselves intrusively in the limelight, convince us with their always perfect and free interplay. Their play is so much in tune that it makes you believe you are listening to one single pianist instead of a piano duo. The impression comes easily as you lose yourself rapidly in the music and cease wondering how a single person could make a piano sound this way all by him or herself. Conscious, however, of this fact, one realizes from the very beginning of this recording: these are two musicians playing thick as thieves.
(…) Although these two siblings have played as a duo for years now, luckily enough there is no routine: At any moment their play is exciting. Anna & Ines Walachowski will not get lost in their own virtuosity, but instead leave ample space for their music to unfold in free presentation.

Telewizja Toruń
May, 2015, Festival Probaltica, Poland – VIDEO


ARTE – “Klavier-Doppel” (piano doubles), a musical portrait of the piano duo, for the European art channel ARTE.

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